Remus Glaudé

Remus Glaudé

My earliest exposures to live music was when Allan Toussaint & my cousin Bennie Spellman came to my house to rehearse for a gig they were doing in Mobile, Alabama. They had recorded the songs "Mother-In-Law" and "Lipstick Traces on a Cigarette" which was on the charts at that time..

Other influences were the Mardi Gra marching band of Mobile Alabama. One of the members the marching bands was Fred Wesley who eventually became James Browns Trombonist. I thought it was the only music as radio and records were okay but just didn't have the sound live music provides.

I can't remember why or when I decided music was what I wanted to do but I made my first trumpet out of a garden hose at age 8. I would play it for hours. At age 12 I got my first real trumpet and set about learning the tunes I listened to from sister’s Jazz collection. Miles, Hugh Masekela, Lee Morgan, Al Hirt were some of my first hero's.

Even though I loved the trumpet I couldn't keep my hands off guitars and basses. One time when our bassist couldn't make a gig, I became the bass player for the evening. After awhile I would double on bass when he doubled on guitar for guitar band tunes.

My trumpet and trombone playing got me into some good gigs. I did a warm-up for the Jackson 5. I've played bass with Scott Cossu; Merlin Bell of the Whispers fame and can continue to drop names but it takes the focus of talking about what I'm doing. I can talk about scales and technical stuff for hours. The best thing for you to do if interested is to listen to my music by going to the music page.. Playing my own music is what I like to do most and will continue to do this. Like my friend Lew Soloff advises "just keep playing man" and I will.